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The Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association (NEMAA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization that works to build a more vibrant, diverse and economically healthy community through the arts.

Our vision is to support a community where artists can live, work, and showcase their art. And our mission is to promote connections between individuals, businesses and artists for the collective benefit of our community.

Founded by a small collective of artists in 1995, today NEMAA has more than 800 members, and is proud to coordinate Fall Fine Arts Show, Wintertide biennial juried exhibition, and Art-A-Whirl - the largest annual open artist studio tour in the U.S.

What is NEMAA? video short, produced by MTN.

What does NEMAA do?

NEMAA is perhaps best known for its Art-A-Whirl open gallery and artist-studio tour, which attracts 30,000 visitors. NEMAA also:

  • coordinates the annual Fall Fine Arts Show, displaying a vast, diverse selection of fine art
  • collaborates with Public Functionaty to organize Wintertide, a biennial juried art exhibition showcasing exceptional artwork by regional artists
  • promotes monthly “open studios” throughout the NE Arts District,
  • publishes the annual Artist Directory and Guide, and
  • distributes a monthly member e-newsletter about upcoming exhibits, artist opportunities, studio opportunities, and community news
  • connects our artist members to exclusive artist opportunities and events throughout the year

Who is NEMAA?

NEMAA has more than 700 members, including artists, businesses, donors, art patrons, neighborhood groups, non-profits and individuals. NEMAA is run largely by artists, is governed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors, and led by our Executive Director.

What makes NEMAA unique?

• NEMAA has helped turn art into an economic engine by creating partnerships between artists, businesses and the community at large.
• NEMAA offers artists a way to create a community among other artists.
• NEMAA provides a rare opportunity to meet artists, observe their creative process, follow their careers, and collect their work over many years.
• NEMAA connects artists and businesses with mutually beneficial opportunities.
• NEMAA offers the public a great way to engage with Minneapolis’ vibrant arts community.

Become a part of NEMAA

Joining NEMAA is a great way to support local artists and help build a more vibrant community. Your membership or sponsorship works directly to support our programs and events, and helps increase our community's social and economic vitality. Explore our membership, sponsorship, and advertising options to learn more about how you can get involved.

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